Membership Card

We have provided a variety of benefits that will allow us to provide one - on - one services to our customers, and we provide a way to use them in accordance with each member 's style.

The member discount is available at the discounted rate from the regular room rate.
20% OFF on weekdays, 10% OFF on Saturdays and specified days!

<Membership privileges>
1. Quick Check-in 
Members just sign the registration card when they check in. 

2. Early Check-in
Members can check in one hour early at 2 p.m. 

3. Late Check-out
Members can stay one hour later until noon. 

4. Free morning paper service
Members can receive a free newspaper.(Japanese paper only) 

<Membership point system>Our hotel has a point card rewards system.
1. Get points 
You get 1 point for each 100 yen they spend. 

2. Welcome points
You will get 100 points when you become a member. 
These points will be added when you check out. 

3. Point back
When you reach 1000 points, 5000 yen off your next stay.
※It is necessary to book a room from official web-site or by telephone. 
※In one visit, you can use the points up to 2000 points. 

4. Cash back
When you reach 1000 points, you can rebate 3500 yen. 
※In one visit, you can use the points up to 2000 points.